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Research and survey participation

The following information is provided for people or organisations who have been contacted by the Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) to participate in research or a survey.

QGSO, located in Queensland Treasury, is Queensland Government’s lead statistical agency and we provide statistical and demographic research services for government. The Government Statistician has legislative authority, through the Statistical Returns Act 1896 (the SRA), to collect and publish statistics and maintain sampling frames for conducting official surveys.

We regularly conduct research, including surveys, with individuals, households, businesses and other organisations, to collect official statistics about issues of interest to government and to people in Queensland.

We are committed to conducting statistical surveys in a prompt, confidential and courteous manner and employ a team of trained survey interviewers who are based in Brisbane. QGSO protects the confidentiality of the information you provide under the authority of the SRA. The SRA, and the Information Privacy Act 2009, prohibit the disclosure of identifiable information relating to an individual or organisation without their consent.

We sincerely thank the many people and organisations who contribute their time and effort participating in QGSO surveys. Without such co-operation and goodwill, it would not be possible to produce many of the high quality, reliable and timely official statistics required by the Queensland Government and the community.

Please see QGSO’s Survey participant charter for further details.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions frequently asked by people contacted to participate in a QGSO survey are provided below. For more information about surveys conducted by QGSO, please contact us by phoning either our toll‑free* number, 1800 068 587, or alternatively (07) 3035 6421.

*Calls to the toll-free line from a mobile phone may incur charges.

Why have I been selected?

For some surveys, QGSO needs to select participants randomly so that results accurately reflect and represent the unbiased views of the population of interest. Random selection is designed to give every household an equal chance of being contacted, and every eligible person in those households an equal chance of being selected to participate. Occasionally, a census is required, where every individual in a population subgroup will be approached to participate in a specific survey. Other surveys conducted on behalf of Queensland Government departments may require QGSO to contact individuals, households, businesses or organisations from contact lists provided by the client department.

Do I have to participate in a survey?

All individuals and organisations approached by QGSO are encouraged to participate in survey research. This ensures the high level of response required to obtain accurate, reliable results. The Government Statistician has the legal authority to collect statistics under the Statistical Returns Act.

Are my responses kept confidential?

Your personal information is protected by the Information Privacy Act against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and any other misuse.

Where appropriate, QGSO protects information we collect under the authority of the Statistical Returns Act. This prohibits any person divulging or communicating any information obtained under the Act except in accordance with a direction from the Queensland Government Statistician.

QGSO is widely respected for its long-standing record of preserving the confidentiality of information collected through its surveys.

How did you get my contact (address/email/phone) details?

For surveys that need to reflect a representative cross-section of the Queensland public, we randomly select households based on information from databases which are kept for official statistical purposes under the authority of the Statistical Returns Act. In other cases, we call survey participants using a contact list provided by the client government department.

What about the Do Not Call Register?

QGSO is the Queensland Government's lead statistical agency and was established to service the statistical requirements of the state government and its agencies and authorities throughout Queensland. We collect statistics only for official government purposes, and the Do Not Call Register does not apply to such calls.

Why have you sent several letters to me?

We apologise if you have received more than one letter. Our intention is to send letters to householders but our database cannot distinguish between owners and residents so you may have received several letters if you own several dwellings.

Why have I received a letter at my address which is addressed to someone else?

QGSO sends letters to households and organisations, based on client contact lists and information from databases which are either publicly available or kept for official statistical purposes under the authority of the Statistical Returns Act. Although QGSO and our clients try to keep our contact lists as up to date as possible, they sometimes contain mistakes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What about the anti-spam legislation?

Electronic messages sent from government bodies are treated differently from others under the Spam Act 2003. Governments may use electronic messages to promote government services. The Spam Act defines these as ‘designated commercial electronic messages’ which can be sent, and must include information about the organisation which authorised the message.

As permitted by the Spam Act, QGSO sometimes sends messages by email and SMS, promoting participation in our surveys. As required by the Act, we will always include information identifying the organisation authorising the message.

Current surveys

To find out about current statistical surveys being conducted by Queensland Government Statistician's Office, please contact us by phoning either our toll-free* number 1800 068 587, or alternatively,
(07) 3035 6421.

*Calls to the toll-free line from a mobile phone may incur charges.

Last reviewed 23 January 2017