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This website contains various types of navigation which you can use to move through the site.

Utility navigation

The first level of navigation for all pages on this site is the utility navigation at the top of each page.

From here you can link to:

Primary navigation

The next level of navigation is the primary navigation, which is directly under the horizontal image banner on each page.

Each section contains related information. To view the contents of a section, move your mouse over the link to view a list of topics and select the topic you require.

Secondary navigation

If a lot of information is contained within a section of the site, secondary navigation will be introduced. This secondary navigation will be specific to each section on the site, and will be found in the left-hand column of a page. Open and close the menus by selecting the [+] or [-] symbol to the left of each menu item where available.


Breadcrumbs offer further help with navigation. They show the shortest path from our homepage to the page above the one you are currently on. Breadcrumbs allow you to link to any page along that path.

Utility bar

The utility bar provides a number of basic functions with regard to the content of the page you are viewing.

Note: Utility bar is not present on all pages.


From the footer you can link to our legal notices and information on the access keys used on this site. A link is also provided to the Queensland Government website—the main Government site—which provides access to Queensland Government information and services online.

Access keys

Access keys have been included to assist users with disabilities to access certain information using only the keyboard. Also known as keyboard shortcuts, they allow you to move quickly to sections and links on a page without the need for a mouse. Find out what access keys are used on this site.

Logical tab order

This website has a logical tab order for navigating without a mouse. Use the tab key on your keyboard to move to the next link or field. Use Shift-Tab to move backwards, and the Enter key to follow links and submit forms. Most browsers support these functions.


Last reviewed 13 June 2018