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Pugh's Book Almanac, Queensland, Australia, 1862 (archived)

This page has been marked as archived and there are no plans to update content. Access has been maintained for historical and research purposes. The content does not necessarily represent the current view of Queensland Treasury or the Queensland Government. Where available, links to related data are provided at the bottom of this page.
Pugh's Book Almanac - Queensland, Australia, 1862 thumbnail

Following separation from New South Wales, the debate to determine Queensland's borders ensued. This map shows the disputed boundaries, both to the west and to the south. The final decision was made in March 1862, which extended the western district, but not the southern border. Detail on how this was achieved is provided on the New Map of Queensland, 1863 page.

Source: Map of Queensland, Australia, engraved and printed for Pugh's Book Almanac, by Thomas Ham & Co., Brisbane, Queensland, c.1862. Held by Queensland State Archives (QSA), Item ID 637161 (

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Sections of the map

Pugh's Book Almanac - Queensland, Australia, 1862 slice thumbnail

Given the detail and size of the original map, it would be difficult to print it on anything other than a commercial printer. Therefore the map has been divided into 15 pieces against a grid A1-E3. The sections include a piece of the grid which can sensibly be printed on A4, instructions for printing and information on licensing requirements.

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