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Queensland statistical areas, level 4 (SA4), 2011

Diagram showing Queensland hierarchy of Statistical Areas from level 4 (SA4) to level 1 (SA1), in order of largest (SA4) to smallest (SA1). SA4 is highlighted in this diagram.

Statistical area level 4 (SA4) is one of the spatial units defined under the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

The ASGS is a hierarchical geographical classification, defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which is used in the collection and dissemination of official statistics. The ASGS provides a common framework of statistical geography and thereby enables the production of statistics which are comparable and can be spatially integrated. From 1 July 2011, the ASGS has been progressively replacing its predecessor, the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC). The ASGS provides a more comprehensive, flexible and consistent way of defining Australia's statistical geography than the ASGC. For further information about the transition from ASGC to the ASGS please refer to the ABS website at

The table below provides individual maps for each of the 19 SA4s within Queensland in a pdf format.


Release PDF PDF Size
Brisbane - East pdf (2,045 kB)
Brisbane - North pdf (2,140 kB)
Brisbane - South pdf (2,645 kB)
Brisbane - West pdf (2,290 kB)
Brisbane Inner City pdf (2,575 kB)
Cairns pdf (1,595 kB)
Darling Downs - Maranoa pdf (2,390 kB)
Fitzroy pdf (2,445 kB)
Gold Coast pdf (1,950 kB)
Ipswich pdf (2,745 kB)
Logan - Beaudesert pdf (2,125 kB)
Mackay pdf (1,915 kB)
Moreton Bay - North pdf (2,255 kB)
Moreton Bay - South pdf (2,090 kB)
Queensland - Outback pdf (2,700 kB)
Sunshine Coast pdf (2,005 kB)
Toowoomba pdf (2,020 kB)
Townsville pdf (1,720 kB)
Wide Bay pdf (2,690 kB)

If you need help with any of the file types above, please see our help page.

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