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Census of the Colony of Queensland, 1861 (archived)

This page has been marked as archived and there are no plans to update content. Access has been maintained for historical and research purposes. The content does not necessarily represent the current view of Queensland Treasury or the Queensland Government. Where available, links to related data are provided at the bottom of this page.
Census of the Colony of Queensland, 1861 front cover

The first Census of the Colony of Queensland was taken on 7 April 1861. There are very few copies of this publication in circulation. As mentioned by the Registrar-General in 1861, “Before the Government of any country can enter into a consideration of the sanatory condition of its subjects, and make laws and regulations for the protection of their health, it must be possessed of reliable information on which to act; to supply this information is the duty of the Statist, and although this colony—blessed with a healthy climate, and as yet possessing only a scattered population in the full enjoyment of all the necessaries and most of the luxuries of life—may not yet require the enactment of Sanatory Laws, there is still little doubt that as population increases they will become necessary, and the value of these records will then be apparent.

The Census was conducted by the Registrar-General and 131 collectors across 17 “enumerators’ districts”. In contrast there were over 7,670 collectors and 478 “statistical local areas” in Queensland for the Australian Census of Population and Housing 2006 conducted on 8 August 2006. During Census 2006, over 10 per cent of Queenslanders filled in the Census on line. The full PDF of the 1861 Census is 48 pages. The introductory text and appendix/table downloads are also available.

This digital book was released under the Q150 collection - Digital Books.

Source: Census of the Colony of Queensland, 7 April 1861, Registrar-General's Office, Brisbane, Queensland, 1861.

Release PDF PDF Size
Census of the Colony of Queensland, 1861 pdf (23,490 kB)

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For ease of download and printing, the publication has been divided into sections.  Each section has a cover page which includes information on the section's content, provides guidance on printing and states the publication's licence. 

Release PDF PDF Size
Report, Section 1 pdf (2,970 kB)
Report, Section 2 pdf (4,060 kB)
Tables 1 and 2, Section 3 pdf (3,415 kB)
Tables 3 and 4, Section 4 pdf (2,230 kB)
Tables 5 and 6, Section 5 pdf (3,305 kB)
Appendices A to D, Section 6 pdf (1,790 kB)
Appendices E to G, Section 7 pdf (1,445 kB)
Appendices H, I, K and L, Section 8 pdf (1,925 kB)
Foldout table, Section 9 pdf (1,970 kB)

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