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Queensland Regional Input–Output Tables 1996–97 (archived)

This page has been marked as archived and there are no plans to update content. Access has been maintained for historical and research purposes. The content does not necessarily represent the current view of Queensland Treasury or the Queensland Government. Where available, links to related data are provided at the bottom of this page.
Queensland Regional Input-Output Tables 1996–97 front cover

The 1996–97 Queensland Regional I–O tables were released by the OGS in August 2004. There is a regional I–O table for each of the Queensland statistical divisions (as classified by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification 1996) with the exception of the Brisbane and Moreton statistical divisions, which have been combined.

The regional I–O tables are available at the 34 industry level with 7 final demand and 6 primary input categories. Included in the publication are direct allocation of imports tables for each statistical division.

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Queensland Regional Input–Output Tables 1996–97, 34 Industries pdf (720 kB) xls (455 kB)

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Comparison between Queensland Input—Output tables and Queensland Regional Input—Output tables

The Queensland Regional I–O tables were compiled using a set of accounting constraints to ensure the financial flows in the regional I–O tables consolidate back to the Queensland I–O table. The integrated approach to developing the State and regional level tables allows them to be used in conjunction with each other.

During the compilation of the regional I–O tables, a more detailed analysis of employment data at the regional level has resulted in revisions to the previously published estimates of employment. This was especially the case for the mining and manufacturing industries.

Therefore users of the I–O tables should be aware that the employment estimates published in the Queensland Input–Output Tables cannot be directly compared with the employment estimates published in the Queensland Regional I–O tables.

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