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Regional youth unemployment

This information brief is based on the monthly ABS publication, Labour force: Australia, detailed – electronic delivery (cat. no. 6291.0.55.001). The Regional youth unemployment brief provides a summary (based on a 12–month moving average) of the unemployment rate for persons aged 15 to 24 years for each of the 19 Statistical Areas Level 4 (SA4s) within Queensland.

Regional youth unemployment notes

The unemployment rates presented in this brief are on a sample basis and will include a sampling error. As such, these estimates will exhibit, in some cases, large volatility in monthly changes. Extreme caution should be used when making inferences from these estimates.

All data in this brief are based on 12-month moving averages. This approach is supported by ABS advice on analysis of regional labour force estimates (see Table 16(b) of Labour Force, Australia, Detailed (cat. no. 6291.0.55.001)).

Release PDF PDF Size
May 2017 pdf (40 kB)
April 2017 pdf (40 kB)
March 2017 pdf (40 kB)
February 2017 pdf (40 kB)
January 2017 pdf (40 kB)
December 2016 pdf (40 kB)
November 2016 pdf (40 kB)
October 2016 pdf (40 kB)
September 2016 pdf (40 kB)
August 2016 pdf (40 kB)
July 2016 pdf (40 kB)
June 2016 pdf (40 kB)
May 2016 pdf (40 kB)
April 2016 pdf (40 kB)
March 2016 pdf (40 kB)
February 2016 pdf (40 kB)
January 2016 pdf (40 kB)
December 2015 pdf (30 kB)
November 2015 pdf (40 kB)
October 2015 pdf (45 kB)
September 2015 pdf (45 kB)
August 2015 pdf (45 kB)
July 2015 pdf (45 kB)
June 2015 pdf (50 kB)
May 2015 pdf (50 kB)

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Last reviewed 23 June 2017