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Rental Housing Vacancy Rates Queensland (archived)

This page has been marked as archived and there are no plans to update content. Access has been maintained for historical and research purposes. The content does not necessarily represent the current view of Queensland Treasury or the Queensland Government. Where available, links to related data are provided at the bottom of this page.

The Housing Rental Vacancy Rates Brief summarises data from a quarterly survey of Queensland real estate agencies. The data presented relates to vacancy rates of residential rental detached houses and units, and is broken down by 5 regions: Inner Brisbane, Remainder of Brisbane LGA, Brisbane Surrounds, Gold Coast and Rest of Queensland.

Please note: The June Quarter 2012 is the final collection in the series. No further information briefs will be published.

Please note: A break in the series of quarterly collections occurred after the June Quarter 2007 release due to a change in the methodology for data collection. The series resumes with the December Quarter 2007. Note that a component of any observed change in regional estimates between the June and December quarters may be the due to the change in methodology, which was introduced to improve the precision of estimates.

Release PDF PDF Size
June Quarter 2012 pdf (105 kB)
March Quarter 2012 pdf (80 kB)
December Quarter 2011 pdf (200 kB)
September Quarter 2011 pdf (35 kB)
June Quarter 2011 pdf (40 kB)
March Quarter 2011 pdf (40 kB)
December Quarter 2010 pdf (40 kB)
September Quarter 2010 pdf (35 kB)
June Quarter 2010 pdf (40 kB)
March Quarter 2010 pdf (40 kB)
December Quarter 2009 pdf (35 kB)
September Quarter 2009 pdf (35 kB)
June Quarter 2009 pdf (70 kB)
March Quarter 2009 pdf (40 kB)
December Quarter 2008 pdf (40 kB)
September Quarter 2008 pdf (40 kB)
June Quarter 2008 pdf (35 kB)
March Quarter 2008 pdf (35 kB)
December Quarter 2007 pdf (145 kB)
June Quarter 2007 pdf (50 kB)
March Quarter 2007 pdf (35 kB)
December Quarter 2006 pdf (135 kB)
September Quarter 2006 pdf (35 kB)
June Quarter 2006 pdf (40 kB)
March Quarter 2006 pdf (135 kB)
December Quarter 2005 pdf (55 kB)
September Quarter 2005 pdf (55 kB)
June Quarter 2005 pdf (30 kB)
March Quarter 2005 pdf (30 kB)
December Quarter 2004 pdf (30 kB)
September Quarter 2004 pdf (30 kB)

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Last reviewed 9 September 2013