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Surat Basin population report

This annual report contains non–resident population and accommodation data for the Surat Basin, derived from data collected by Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. The focus of the Surat Basin population report is on quantifying the number of fly‑in/fly‑out and drive‑in/drive‑out (FIFO/DIDO) workers living in the region, and their use of commercial accommodation.

The report provides estimates of the number of non–resident workers on‑shift in local government areas (LGAs) and selected localities in the Surat Basin as at June 2016. These non‑resident populations are also added to the resident population estimate to give a full–time equivalent (FTE) population estimate, providing a better indication of total demand for infrastructure and services in the region. The report also includes information regarding the supply and take‑up of commercial accommodation by non‑resident workers.

Please note: This report provides annual estimates of the resident and non‑resident populations of the region that are up to date at the time of the survey. This information is subject to change and revision over time, and users are advised to refer to the current edition rather than past editions.

Non–resident population projections for the Surat Basin are also available.

Release PDF PDF Size
Surat Basin population report, 2016 pdf (1,050 kB)
Surat Basin population report, 2015 pdf (1,415 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2014 pdf (1,600 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2013 pdf (1,305 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2012 pdf (1,200 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2011 pdf (1,235 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2010 pdf (1,645 kB)
Surat Basin Population Report, 2008 pdf (670 kB)

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Last reviewed 13 November 2017