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Historical tables, industry, 1859 to 2007–08 (Q150 release)

These historical tables include statistics spanning Queensland’s 150 years sourced from within the Queensland Government or the Australian Government, through the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and other published information. The value of Q150 release is that it represents the most complete time series collection of Queensland statistics on a range of topics from demography, through to law and order.

The industry release includes the following tables: 

Extensive footnotes are provided to enable users to access original sources and to provide information on the various methodologies and classifications used. In some instances, changes to those methodologies and classifications may represent breaks in the times series.  Care should therefore be taken when interpreting these data.

This table was released under the Q150 collection — Historical tables.

Release XLS XLS Size
Historical Tables, Industry, 1859 to 2008 (Q150 release) xls (605 kB)

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Individual tables

Individual tables are available below as comma-delimited text files.

Release CSV CSV Size
Agricultural production, Queensland, 1859−60 to 2007−08 csv (55 kB)
Banking, Queensland, 1859 to 2007−08 csv (25 kB)
Manufacturing, Queensland, 1860 to 2007−08 csv (20 kB)
Mining, Queensland, 1860 to 2006−07 csv (40 kB)
Postal and telecommunications, Queensland, 1860 to 2007−08 csv (30 kB)
Railways, Queensland, 1865 to 2007−08 csv (15 kB)

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Last reviewed 10 January 2017