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Broadhectare study


Queensland Government Statistician’s Office’s broadhectare study identifies the location and quantifies the area, timing of development and dwelling yield of larger land parcels to house a specified region’s growing population.

The PDF report includes a static map as generated at the time of the study.

Broadhectare study map 
Study area Study date PDF PDF Size
   Broadhectare study
South East Queensland Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (965 kB)
Brisbane (C) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (1,525 kB)
Gold Coast (C) *NEW* Sep 2019 Report (pdf) (2,965 kB)
Ipswich (C) *NEW* Aug 2019 Report (pdf) (3,044 kB)
Lockyer Valley (R) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (900 kB)
Logan (C) *NEW* Aug 2019 Report (pdf) (1,463 kB)
Moreton Bay (R) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (1,285 kB)
Noosa (S) Sep 2013 Report(a) (pdf) (895 kB)
Redland (C) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (1,370 kB)
Scenic Rim (R) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (815 kB)
Somerset (R) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (5,060 kB)
Sunshine Coast (R) Sep 2013 Report (pdf) (895 kB)
Darling Downs Dec 2012
Balonne (S) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (1,135 kB)
Goondiwindi (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (2,480 kB)
Maranoa (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (2,060 kB)
Southern Downs (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (3,155 kB)
Toowoomba (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (3,850 kB)
Western Downs (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (3,045 kB)
Wide Bay-Burnett Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,290 kB)
Bundaberg (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,785 kB)
Fraser Coast (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,655 kB)
Gympie (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,290 kB)
North Burnett (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,555 kB)
South Burnett (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (2,290 kB)
Central Queensland Various
Banana (S) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (2,170 kB)
Central Highlands (R) May 2013 Report (pdf) (3,305 kB)
Gladstone (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (3,970 kB)
Livingstone (S) Dec 2012 Report(a) (pdf) (3,355 kB)
Rockhampton (R) Dec 2012 Report (pdf) (3,355 kB)
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,455 kB)
Isaac (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,800 kB)
Mackay (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,570 kB)
Whitsunday (R) Feb 2015 Report (pdf) (1,125 kB)
North Queensland Oct 2014
Burdekin (S) Aug 2016 Report (pdf) (1,100 kB)
Charters Towers (R) Aug 2016 Report (pdf) (1,160 kB)
Hinchinbrook (S) Sep 2016 Report (pdf) (1,080 kB)
Palm Island (S) Dec 2015 Report (pdf) (1,080 kB)
Townsville (C) Oct 2014 Report (pdf) (14,110 kB)
Far North Queensland Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (1,000 kB)
Cairns (R) Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (1,130 kB)
Cassowary Coast (R) Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (4,240 kB)
Douglas (S) Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (625 kB)
Mareeba (S) Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (1,955 kB)
Tablelands (R) Aug 2014 Report (pdf) (1,805 kB)

= not available   (C) = City   (R) = Regional Council   (S) = Shire
(a) Noosa (S) and Livingstone (S) PDF reports contained in (and linked to)
Sunshine Coast (R) and Rockhampton (R) (prior to amalgamation) respectively.
If you need help with any of the file types above, please see our help page.

Further information

For further information contact Queensland Government Statistician's Office by email to or telephone (07) 3035 6421.

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Last reviewed 10 September 2019