Statistical networks and coordination

Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) provides an integrated statistical service between Queensland Government agencies and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). We identify and review the statistical requirements of the Queensland Government, advise the ABS on issues that inform the national statistical work program and support the Government Statistician as the Queensland Government’s representative on the Australian Statistical Advisory Council and the State Statistical Forum.

Statistical network

QGSO maintains a statewide network of people who are interested in statistical matters and uses Data Smart alerts to keep the network informed about topics of interest focusing on regional data needs; changes to relevant statistical standards and collections; and upcoming network information sessions. To join the network and keep informed about statistical matters register for Data Smart alerts.

Census 2021 release information

The Australian Bureau of Statistics intends to release 2021 Census data in three phases:

  • June 2022 – most topics for almost all geographic outputs for place of usual residence and place of enumeration on Census night (10 August 2021)
  • October 2022 – internal migration, non-school qualification, employment related topics and method of travel to work
  • Early to mid-2023 – Socio-economic indexes for areas (SEIFA), distance to work, Census microdata and estimates of homelessness.

A detailed table showing which Census topics will be included in each release is available here 2021 Census topics and data release plan. The Queensland regional profiles will be updated with 2021 Census data throughout 2022 and 2023. Queensland specific snapshots, based on the 2021 Census will be developed as data become available.

Queensland regional profiles

The Queensland regional profiles are informative statistical reports on a range of Queensland community types (e.g. local government areas). These reports are generated automatically using the latest demographic, social and economic data available.

For a demonstration on how to create your own profiles, see the Queensland regional profiles help page.

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