Australian Standard Offence Classification (Queensland Extension)

The Australian Standard Offence Classification (ASOC) was developed in 1997 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to provide a uniform national statistical framework for classifying offences for use by criminal justice agencies in Australia. The classification was last revised in 2011, when it was renamed as the Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification.  The classification content and structure, however, remain unchanged since a major revision in 2008.  See the entry for ANZSOC.

The Queensland extension (QASOC) adds a fourth level to the three-level national classification. In addition to the levels of division, subdivision and group, the Queensland version contains a subgroup level. The code at this level is the four-digit group code with a fifth digit appended.

The QASOC document follows the national classification in content and layout. The structure of the classification shows the divisions, subdivisions and groups as given in the national classification as well as the subgroups of the Queensland extension. Revisions to the national classification lead to revision of the Queensland version.

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