Regional tools and statistics

Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) provides a broad range of regional data and information gathered from several data sources. 

Regional tools

Queensland regional profiles

The Queensland regional profiles are informative statistical reports on a range of Queensland community types (e.g. local government areas), and are generated automatically using the latest demographic, social and economic data available. Community regions can be selected individually, or easily combined to create customised regions or catchments for profiling. They are a useful reference tool for state government departments and agencies, local government authorities, policy makers, researchers and students.

For a demonstration on how to create your own profiles, see the Queensland regional profiles help page.

Queensland regional database

The Queensland regional database, formerly known as QRSIS, holds the most recent and revised regional statistical information drawn from a variety of federal and state government sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Queensland thematic maps

The Queensland thematic maps provide a unique and informative representation of Queensland's economy, people and regions. Thematic maps allow for quick identification of data relationships and comparisons between small area geographic regions.

Residential land development activity profiles

Residential land development activity profiles provide a comprehensive summary of recent development and dwelling activity indicators within local government areas and regional planning project areas. Similarly, the broadhectare studies deal with the land supply and development of larger parcels to house Queensland’s growing population.

Regional statistics

Queensland Government population projections

QGSO produces the Queensland Government population projections for local government areas (LGAs), statistical areas level 4 (SA4s) and statistical areas level 2 (SA2s).

Population growth, regional Queensland

The Population growth, regional Queensland brief presents selected Queensland statistics on the estimated resident population (ERP) of Queensland LGAs and SA2s, as released annually by the ABS.

Index of retail prices in Queensland regional centres

This report contains information derived from a survey of regional prices in selected Queensland cities and towns. The data are expressed in the form of index numbers, which allow comparison of relative retail prices between selected centres and Brisbane at the time of the survey.

Decile distribution, Census 2021

A decile is a descriptive statistic that divides the data into 10 even groups. The Queensland Government Statistician's Office has produced a spreadsheet to calculate the decile distribution of various Census 2021 statistics by different region types. These region types are available under the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

Customised General Community Profiles for Queensland state electoral districts (SED) (2017 redistribution), Census 2016

Customised General Community Profiles (GCP) have been created by QGSO for the 93 state electoral districts (SED) (2017 redistribution). These GCPs are based on those produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and use the same formatting and structure as those released on their website for other statistical areas.


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