Decile distribution, Census 2021


A decile is a descriptive statistic that divides the data into 10* even groups. The Queensland Government Statistician's Office has produced a spreadsheet to calculate the decile distribution of various Census 2021 statistics by different region types. These region types are available under the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

* Where a region's weight is more than one tenth of Queensland's total, it will cover more than one decile. Therefore, in these cases not all deciles will be separately identified.


The region types available for user selection include:

  • State/Territory
  • Greater Capital City Statistical Area
  • Statistical Area Level 4
  • Statistical Area Level 3
  • Statistical Area Level 2
  • Local Government Area


The statistics available for user selection include:

  • Area
  • Population
  • Population density
  • Median age
  • Persons aged 55 years and over
  • Indigenous persons
  • Persons born overseas
  • Persons who speak only English at home
  • Persons with highest level of schooling as Year 10 or less
  • Persons with a core activity need for assistance
  • Persons involved in voluntary work
  • Average household size
  • Couple families with no children
  • Couple families with children
  • Single parent families
  • Persons with a total personal income of $1,000 or more
  • Median total personal income
  • Median total family income
  • Median total household income
  • Median mortgage repayment
  • Median rent
  • Occupied private dwellings - owned outright
  • Occupied private dwellings - owned with a mortgage
  • Occupied private dwellings - rented
  • Dwellings with no motor vehicles
  • Residence with same address 1 year ago
  • Residence with same address 5 years ago
  • Unemployment rate
  • Labour force participation rate
  • Employment to population rate

Decile weighting methods

In this spreadsheet, the division of deciles can be calculated using two different methods.

  • Weighted — this method divides the data into 10 even groups, where each group has the same population (or number of families etc, depending on the variable selected). The deciles are weighted on the numerator if a variable is expressed as a percentage.
  • Equal weight — this method divides the data into 10 even groups, where each group has the same number of regions. This method uses no weighting.


Decile distribution, Census 2021
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