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Research has been undertaken to better understand victimisation and revictimisation, and their relationship with offending behaviour.

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Victimisation from personal crime in Queensland (report)

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The Victimisation from personal crime in Queensland research report shows how the prevalence of victimisation and revictimisation differs across different demographic groups. Analyses show that:

  • the rate of victimisation from personal crime (such as assault, robbery, sexual offences and homicide) decreased in Queensland, when comparing 2008–09 and 2018–19
  • victimisation is a gendered phenomenon, with female victims more likely than male victims to experience revictimisation and repeat victimisation (revictimisation including a different offender)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (and females especially) are overrepresented as victims of personal crime, and among those who experience revictimisation
  • the time between victimisations was shorter for people revictimised by the same offender (repeat victimisation) than those revictimised by a different offender.
2008–09 to 2018–19
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