Data and information dissemination

Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) provides a variety of information and data dissemination services. Data sources include Australian Bureau of Statistics, other Australian Government agencies, state government agencies and non-government providers.

Data extraction tools

Extracting desired information from large databases may be a complex task. The difficulty may increase if visual inspection is sought to determine patterns within the data, or if statistical analyses of the data are required.

QGSO has developed user–friendly, menu–based data extraction tools enabling easy manipulation of data, including the ability to export data to software packages for statistical analysis. These include the Queensland regional database, Queensland regional profiles, and customised statistical information systems. These tools permit data to be manipulated quickly and easily, with the added advantage of being distinctly separate from the database. The tools and data may therefore be used by people without requiring access to the database itself.

Geocoding of student home addresses and school catchment maintenance

QGSO geocodes state school student home addresses and maintains primary, junior and senior secondary state school catchment areas on behalf of the Queensland Department of Education and Training. This information assists the department in servicing enrolment management policy and planning future school resources and infrastructure.

Requests for statistics

QGSO provides an authoritative point of access for statistics on Queensland and its regions. We respond to queries for statistical information and advice from government departments and agencies, the business community and the public.

Under normal workloads, requests are completed within 2 to 3 working days. Most requests are completed free of charge, however larger requests may attract a fee. 

To request a statistic, please refer to the Contact us page.

Statistical reports

QGSO produces a wide range of statistical reports on a particular subject or range of subjects; summaries of national statistical reports at Queensland and regional level, by topic; and profiles of geographic regions, covering a range of topics (including user-specified regions).

The QGSO website contains a large volume of current and historical statistical information about Queensland and regions within the state. You can browse for statistics about a particular topic under Themes and you can select from lists of data publications under Products.


This website is maintained by QGSO to provide access to statistical information for Queensland agencies, companies and individuals. It provides links to statistical reports and publications, data tables and databases and dynamic data tools.

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