Survey process diagram showing progression from conceptualising, planning and designing survey to collecting data to processing and analysing data to reporting and disseminating data, with client input/feedback at all stages

As Queensland Government’s lead statistical agency, QGSO coordinates statistical activities of the Government, and provides a policy framework for the collection and management of statistics. This includes compliance with Government directives on the management of statistics, the reduction of waste through unnecessary duplication, and monitoring the impact of data collection on those who respond to QGSO surveys, particularly businesses.

Information collected using surveys is invaluable in planning and evaluating policies and programs.

Surveys conducted by QGSO

QGSO has extensive experience in the design and conduct of official statistical surveys of Queensland people, households, businesses and other organisations, on behalf of Queensland Government agencies. Our services are provided on a cost-recovery basis.

We operate under the authority of the Statistical Returns Act 1896 . This ensures the confidentiality of the information provided by survey respondents, as the Act prohibits the unauthorised disclosure of identifying information obtained under the Act.

Some examples of surveys conducted by QGSO include the Queensland regional population survey, the Crime victims survey, the Next Step longitudinal survey, the Patient experience suite of surveys, the Index of retail prices in Queensland regional centres, and the Healthy food access basket survey, to name but a few.

How QGSO can assist

QGSO is able to provide specialist consultation and advice. We can also provide a complete, integrated survey solution to Queensland Government agencies, from conception through to final reporting.

Survey process diagram showing progression from conceptualising, planning and designing survey to collecting data to processing and analysing data to reporting and disseminating data, with client input/feedback at all stages

We can help by:

  • conducting all or part of the survey
    In consultation with departmental/agency staff, QGSO can assist in designing the survey and associated questionnaire.  We can conduct all aspects of fieldwork and analysis including pilot testing, the training and supervision of interviewers for telephone surveys, data cleaning and processing, analysis and reporting.
  • providing advice
    We can provide advice to agencies about survey and research methodology, whether for conducting their own surveys or for preparing briefs for suppliers on the Market Research Services Panel standing offer arrangement (SOA)(see Queensland Government website for further details).


A survey is a method of collecting information. It may collect information about a population’s characteristics, self-reported and observed behaviour, awareness of programs, attitudes or opinions, and needs. Repeating surveys at regular intervals can assist in the measurement of changes over time. It may seek to collect information from a subset of this population (a sample survey), or the entire population (a census).

In conceptualising a survey project, QGSO consults with clients about their information needs, timelines, and budgetary constraints, encouraging them to explore a range of pre-survey scoping considerations to help them in their deliberations. (see Survey methods for more information).

Survey design

Specialist staff in QGSO can design surveys of varying complexity to suit client information needs, and can determine sample sizes required to deliver a specified accuracy of final population estimates. We advise on survey design to help maximise the quantity and quality of information within the constraints of a client's budget (see Survey methods for more information).

Questionnaire construction

Through careful questionnaire design, measurement error can be minimised and response rates increased. Criteria for good question design depend on the mode of administration. QGSO has considerable experience in formulating and asking survey questions and evaluating the quality of responses. We provide objective advice, both on how a question should be worded and, at a broader level, whether a group of questions will elicit the information required.

Data collection

QGSO has experience and expertise in all modes of data collection, including telephone, mail, face-to-face and on-line. We also have our own large computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) facility, which is located in Brisbane. Close attention to best practice ensures that we consistently achieve high response rates across all modes.

We have survey participation information for people who have been asked to participate in one of QGSO's research programs (including statistical surveys).


Our methods of data analysis are consistent with the highest industry standards achieved.  QGSO's survey specialists use sophisticated techniques to control for structural biases and to ensure that sampling errors are accurately estimated. We can also analyse trends in repeated cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys.


Reporting is tailored to each client’s needs. QGSO collaborates with clients in the production of outputs for reporting and advises on the interpretation and presentation of results.


QGSO is certified to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. The registration covers the quality management system for client-funded survey and research services, including the design, development and provision of processes to collect, collate, interpret, analyse and disseminate high-quality primary and secondary statistical information.

We are committed to conducting statistical surveys in a timely, confidential and courteous manner, and we employ a dedicated team of experienced statisticians and research interviewers to deliver on this.

Further information

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