Data integration

The Queensland Government Statistician's Office (QGSO) engages in statistical, research and evaluation collaborations with government agencies and research bodies. Projects cover a range of socio-economic topics, with a particular emphasis on crime and justice. The aim of this work is to improve the evidence base for informed policy decision making and service delivery for Queensland Government.

QGSO is uniquely placed to collect, integrate and safely share Queensland data for approved research and statistical purposes under the provisions of the Statistical Returns Act 1896.

QGSO is registered as an Accredited Data Service Provider under the Commonwealth DATA Scheme to provide complex data integration and de-identification services. This is a transition from QGSO’s accreditation as an Accredited Integrating Authority under the previous Commonwealth data integration arrangements. These accreditations are recognition that QGSO has the requisite skills, processes, infrastructure and culture required to undertake complex data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes.

Services we provide include:

  • data linkage and the production of integrated datasets for Queensland Government supported statistical, research and evaluation purposes
  • data management including secure data collection, storage, access and monitoring.

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